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Life is Hard だけど be Happy
26 November 2015 @ 07:53 am
Happy birthday to my dear Ohno Satoshi... Thank you for coloring my life... Thank you for being my light to find what I love to call my precious friends... Thank you for always be a kind-hearted and 'my-pace' Ohno Satoshi that we love... Please always be a leader that Sho, Aiba, Nino and Jun love the most.... Stay health and wish you all the best in the next 35 years...

This is my little birthday present for you~ ^^

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Life is Hard だけど be Happy
25 January 2015 @ 01:04 pm
Title : My Long Way to Marry You (Chapter 4/?)
Author : icha_kazeinda and my beloved sister aka_caster
Pairing : Sakuraiba, Juntoshi (side)
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Romance, Drama, Angst
Disclaimer : It's just our imagination
Summary : How I wish to hold him. Kissing his red lips. Seeing him laugh. Hearing his cheerful voice. Want to make love to him. But I couldn't. I can't. Because I'm away. Far away...

A/N : - Beta-ed by our best friend. Thanks for your helping, dear. *big hugs*
         - Our native language is not English so we're sorry for bad grammars and any mistakes or typos here and there m(_ _)m

*Sho's POV*


“Masaki...” I mumbled and slowly opened my eyes. I frowned when I realized that I was lying on at a strange room.

“Where am I?” I thought and tried to stand up on my feet. I scanned the room I was lying on. Everything was in white. The floor, the roof and the wall. There’s even no door or window in the room.

“Why am I here? What happened to me?” I tried to remember the last thing before I closed my eyes and then it suddenly struck that I was in an alley and on my way back home. I widened my eyes when I remembered that drunk man who stabbed me and stole my bag. I touched my stomach but there’s no wound on it. At the moment I just realized that I was wearing a white shirt and white trousers. When had I changed my clothes? I thought. Suddenly I heard a voice. A beautiful voice that I yearn so much.

Sho-chan... Please don’t leave me alone...

“Masaki??” I turned my head to search the owner of the voice that I loved but I couldn’t find any other person inside that room. Then I heard his voice again. It sounded very desperate and sad.

Sho-chan... I can’t live without you... Please come back to me...

I clenched my fist and held back my tears to come out. His voice was really breaking my heart.

“Masaki!!” I shouted, “Masaki, where are you??!!”

His voice kept calling my name many times and it made my heart bursted with needs to see him more and more.

Please, God... I want to see him... I need to see him... I prayed silently on my mind and closed my eyes for a moment. When I opened my eyes, I was a bit startled and stepped back. I was not in that white room anymore. I looked carefully around me and realized that I was in a hospital lobby. Why a hospital? Don’t tell me I...

Suddenly I saw some familiar figures in front of me. I was facing their backs but I could already recognized one of them the moment I saw it. The back that I hugged everyday from behind when he made breakfast for me. Masaki...

I walked slowly to him. He was standing between Jun and Satoshi. In front of them were my mother and my father and a woman I didn’t really know. They were standing in front of a doctor and was talking about something serious. I could sense it from the doctor’s expression. I read what was written at the door behind them. ICU??

When I was standing some steps behind them, I heard Masaki asked the doctor, “Sensei, is there something happened?”
I was curious to hear what they were talking and decided to step closer to them. When I was finally stood behind them, I could hear clearly what the doctor said to my mother.

“Sakurai-san, I’m sorry but it seems that your son’s struggle has not ended yet. He’s in comatose and it can be for weeks, months or years. I will check his condition everyday. For now, we can only pray for the best for him.” I was too preoccupied with what the doctor saying when suddenly I heard Jun screamed.


I startled and looked at Jun. He was now holding Masaki who was fainted in his arm. Masaki!!! I approached him and when I was going to hug him, I froze. I... I can’t touch him!! Why can’t I touch him?!!! I desperately tried to touch and hugged him but it was useless. My body went through his, like a shadow.

“Jun, just take care of Aiba-chan. He needs you most right now. Don’t worry, I will wait here with auntie and uncle. If there’s any progress about Sho, I will tell both of you immediately.” I heard Satoshi said beside Jun.

Satoshi, Jun!! I’m here!! I waved my hand in front of them but they still couldn’t see me. Why... why can’t you guys see me?? I’m here... I clenched my fist and a tear dropped from my eyes.

Jun, as if he ignored me, carried Masaki in his arm and ready to take him home. He apologized to everyone in the room for leaving first. A tear dropped from my mother’s eyes while looking at Masaki.

“It’s okay, Jun-kun. Please take care of Masaki,ne. I know it must be hard for him.” My mother caressed Masaki’s head and held back her tears to come more.

Jun bowed slightly and quickly took Masaki to his car. I stood at my place, frustated because I couldn’t do anything. I was very confused. I wanted to be with Masaki because I couldn’t just stand here seeing Masaki at such condition, but at the same time I was really curious about what happened to me.  Should I follow Masaki and Jun? Or should I get inside the ICU room?

After some moment thinking what I should do first, with a deep sigh I decided to get inside the ICU room and left my parents with the doctor outside. I was still a bit curious about the woman next to my mom but I decided to ignore her. Maybe she just someone my mom know., I thought while standing in front of the ICU door which was closed. If I can’t touch Masaki, it means I can’t touch this door either. Right?

I slowly extended my hand to touch the door, but as I expected I couldn’t touch it. Am I really become a ghost now? I sighed sadly while closing my eyes and step forward, passing through the door. Once I was inside the ICU room, I could hear beeping sound which seemed like a someone’s heartbeat. I opened my eyes slowly and realized that I was standing in a front of a bed with someone laid on it. I stepped closer to look closely at the person’s face. Eventhough I had already knew who was it even before I entered the room, I still couldn’t believe it.

Tears started to flow on my cheek. There was me, laying on the bed with tubes attached to my wirst and oxygen mask covered my nose. There were many tools beside my bed. My head was bandaged and my face was really pale, like a dead man.

I heard someone opened the door behind me and when I turned back I saw my mom. She trembled while slowly walking toward the bed. She couldn’t hold back her tears anymore and started crying while caressing my pale cheek.

“Sho my dear. Mom is here. Please wake up, son. It’s been a while since last time I saw you, since you’re busy with your work and your life with Masaki. When I finally can see you again, why it has to be such a condition like this?”

I miss you too, Mom. Very much. I ‘hugged’ my mom from behind, eventhough I knew I couldn’t touch her but I kept pretending to be able to hug her and cried there. After some moment, my mother started to speak again.

“You have to be strong, Sho. You have to fight back and come back to us. Mom needs you. Masaki too. He worry about you very much. Didn’t you tell me before that you wanted to see his cheerful smile and made him happy everyday? How can he smile brightly like before if the one he loved isn’t there with him? Please, son. Open your eyes... For me... For Masaki...”

At the mentioned of Masaki, I remembered that his condition wasn’t better either and it started to worry me. Can he lives normally without me? Who will take care of him when I’m unconscious here?  I ‘kissed’ my mother’s cheek. See you, Mom, I whispered and went out of the ICU. I wanted to go back to my apartment to see Masaki, but how? I was kinda become a spirit, my body was here in the hospital and I couldn’t ask someone to get me to my apartment since nobody could see me.
Then I remember earlier when I was in the white room and in a blink of eye I suddenly moved to this hospital. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

Focus, Sho! You could do this earlier! There’s no way you can’t do this for the second time! Think about your apartment!
I slowly opened my eyes, and I did it. Now I was standing in the middle of my living room. Masaki, I’m home... I smiled weakly and turned around when I heard some rustles at the kitchen. Jun... He was cooking something. I took a peep behind him and I could see that he was cooking porridge. It must be for Masaki. Thank you so much Jun.

Then I remembered about the man I love very much. Where is he? Suddenly I heard sobs. It’s very weak, even Jun couldn’t hear it and kept concentrated on his cooking, but I could recognize it immediately.


I quickly ran to bedroom and without thinking passed through my bedroom’s door. Inside there, I saw Masaki was sleeping in the middle of the bed with blanket covered his body. He was sobbing in his sleep and mumbled something.

“Sho-chan... please don’t leave me alone... I can’t live without you... take me with you... I want to be with you forever...”

I couldn’t hold my tears anymore and immediately climbed up to the bed. I ‘caressed’ his hair with my right hand and ‘wiped’ tears in his cheek with my other hand.

Sshh... Masaki... Calm down... I’m here, baby. I won’t and never leave you alone. I love you very much. I can’t live without you either, dear.

Masaki suddenly trembled and cried harder than before. I ‘hugged’ him very tight, eventhough I knew it’s so useless but I couldn’t stand to see Masaki like that.

“Sho-chan!!! Sho-chan, don’t leave me please!! SHO-CHAAAAANN!!!”

Masaki!! Please calm down!! I’m here!! Baby, please!!

I could hear someone opened the door with a loud bang. I sat up beside Masaki and turned my head. Jun  was panicked and put the food tray on the table. He immediately ran toward Masaki and shook Masaki’s shoulder, trying to wake up Masaki.

“Masaki!! It’s just a dream!! Please wake up!! Masaki!!!”

Masaki slowly opened his eyes. He sweated a lot on his forehead. He choked a sob while looking at Jun.

“J-jun... Sho-chan... Is he going to leave me alone? I... I want to go with him, Jun. I c-can’t live without him, Jun. I... I...”

Jun hugged Masaki very tight while caressing his back. Masaki buried his face on Jun’s chest and cried uncontrollably there. Jun tried so hard to hold back his tears and said reassurance words to Masaki.

“Masaki, I believe Sho is now trying his best to fight back to come back to you, to us. So you have to do the same. You have to be strong, for Sho’s sake. He won’t leave you alone and I can assure that. Would you promise to me to be strong and keep patient to wait Sho come back to us?”

Masaki grabbed Jun’s shirt tighter and nodded slowly. I bit my lip and clenched my fist, frustated because I couldn’t do anything. For a moment they stayed like that. After Masaki calmed down a bit, Jun released him from his arm and looked at Masaki.

“Masaki, I make porridge for you. You haven’t eaten anything, have you?”

Masaki shook his head a little. Jun sighed and climbed down the bed to take the tray on the table. He sat at the edge of the bed and put the tray there. He looked at Masaki.

“Do you want me to feed you? Or...” suddenly Jun’s phone rang. He read the message on the phone and frowned. Masaki looked at Jun and couldn’t help to ask.

“What happened, Jun?”

Jun sighed while looking at the phone, “It’s my editor. He asks me to come to his place to talk about my new novel. Why it has to be at this hour? It’s 3.00 AM for God’s sake! Can he even think about my private time?” then he looked at Masaki.

“Masaki, I...”

“Go, Jun. I will be all right. I feel better now. If he wants you to come at this hour, it means something serious, right?” Masaki tried to smile weakly. Jun wanted to say something but was interrupted by Masaki.

“Don’t worry about me. I will eat the porridge and then go to sleep. Just finish your work, okay?”

Jun slowly nodded and headed to the bedroom’s door. I stood up and walked toward Jun.

No!!! Jun!! Please stay with Masaki a bit longer! Don’t leave him alone at this state! He needs you most for now! I beg you... Please... I can’t do anything if something happened with him... I desperately tried to stop Jun from leaving Masaki alone at the moment. He’s the only hope for me to take care of Masaki.


Jun and I turned our head to see Masaki on the bed. He was hesistated to say something but after a moment he spoke softly to Jun.

“C-can you pick me up tomorrow morning? I want to go back to the hospital.”

Jun frowned at Masaki’s words, “But, Masaki... Your condition is...”

“Please, Jun... I need to see him. I can’t stay here and do nothing. It kills me slowly. Please...” Masaki looked at Jun on his eyes while begging. Jun sighed and nodded. Masaki smiled at him and thanked him when he closed the door. I heard Jun’s step slowly dissapeared and there’s a sound of door closing from outside the bedroom. I looked at Masaki who’s slowly ate the porridge Jun made earlier. There’s no expression on his face. I started to worry about him. I decided to sat on the edge of the bed and ‘caressed’ his cheek slowly. Masaki...

After he finished his food, he slowly climbed down the bed and took the tray with him. Masaki, where are you going? You still need to rest. I followed him from behind. He went out of the bedroom and walked to the kitchen. He put the tray on the table, took a mug and poured coffee in it. I stood beside him and looked at him with sad eyes. Masaki, you can’t drink the coffee or else you can’t sleep later.Haven’t you promised to Jun that you would sleep properly after ate your porridge? Masaki drank the coffee quickly at once and poured another one and drank it until the mug is empty. I widened my eyes when I saw he’s going to pour the third coffee. Masaki! Stop it! I ‘grabbed’ his arm but useless. It was like grabbing an air. Damn it!! Masaki, baby! Why are you acting like this? Please stop or you...

“I can’t fall asleep... I don’t want to fall asleep... I have to stay awake or else I will have that nightmare again... You have to stay awake, Masaki...”

I heard he mumbled and his body trembled. He walked to the living room then sat on a sofa. He looked to the front blankly. That nightmare? Then suddenly I remembered earlier when Masaki cried so hard and called my name desperately in his sleep. A tear dropped on my cheek. I kneeled in front of him.

Masaki, please... You’re not going to have that nightmare. I’m here with you. I can’t stand to see you like this, baby. What should I do to make you see me?

A tear dropped on his cheek and slowly he started crying again.

“Sho-chan, I’m sorry if I can’t be strong for you. I can’t stop those images of you leaving me alone. I’m afraid, Sho-chan...”

I ‘cupped’ his face with both of my hands and ‘caressed’ his wet cheeks with my thumbs.

Calm down, Masaki. I’m not going anywhere. God, please... Eventhough he can’t see me directly, at least please let our eyes ‘meet’ for a moment. I have to calm him down. I can’t stand to see his condition even worse than this.

Suddenly I saw his eyes that brimmed with tears moved slowly and ‘looking’ into my eyes. I used that chance to slowly leaned in and ‘put’ my lips on his. Eventhough it’s just for a second, but miraculously my ‘kiss’ could calm him a bit. His crying turned into sobbed. I sighed in relieve and ‘put’ my forehead on his.

I’m here with you, Masaki. I believe you can go through all of this. Everything will be okay.

Or so I thought.


It was almost two weeks since my body was in comatose and this ‘spirit’ of mine stayed close to Masaki.  Everyday I followed him to go to the hospital with Jun and Satoshi. Both of them picked up Masaki every morning to go to the hospital and they would take him home at night. At the hospital, Masaki would help my mother to take care of me. Everyday he would help the nurse to wipe my body or sometimes he would tell ‘me’ some stories. Everyone believed that Masaki had overcome his sadness, looking from his cheerful smile everyday he came to the hospital. But no one could guess what exactly he felt behind that fake smile, except me.

“Masaki, we’re sorry we still can’t accompany you in your apartment. Satoshi are busy with his next painting and I have to finish my new novel. We’re promise we’ll come by to your apartment once we finished them.” Jun sighed. He was inside his car with Satoshi beside him. Masaki smiled and shook his head.

“It’s okay, Jun. I’m not a baby, you know. Good luck for both of you and be careful on your way back home. Good night.” He waved his hand while Jun driving his car and Masaki stood there until Jun’s car disappeared from his sight. His smile slowly faded from his face and he entered the apartment with no expression. I followed him from behind with sad eyes.

Masaki, please... You need them... You can’t be alone like this...

Once inside our apartment, he walked to our bedroom and without took off his clothes he went to shower and let himself sprayed by cold water. His body was trembling below the cold water but he didn’t care about it. He mumbled with blank expression.

“I have to stay awake.... I don’t want to see that nightmare... I have to cope with all of this alone... Jun and Satoshi have their own life... I don’t want to be burden for anyone...”

I bit my lips and clenched my fist. A tear dropped on my cheek.

Masaki... I beg you... Please don’t torture yourself more than this... You have suffered enough... I can’t forgive myself to see you like this... Please...

Once his body wet with cold water from head to toe, he turned off the shower and walked to the kitchen. He took a mug from inside the cupboard and poured coffee in his mug fully. He drank it at once and repeated it for five times more. He did this every night to keep him awake, eventhough he still fell asleep for some minutes and later woke up with trembling body and cold sweat, he always tried hard for not fell asleep even for some seconds. I felt useless all the time. I couldn’t touch him and talk to him. It was all my fault he became like this.

Masaki... You have to stop... I hate myself to make you like this... I miss your cheerful expression, dear...

Suddenly I heard doorbell rang then someone knocked on the door. Not long after that, a woman’s voice was heard from outside.

“Aiba-san, are you home? It’s me Eikura. Ano... I just come back from my hometown and I bring you some gifts. I heard from Shimura-san that you were absent for almost two week. That’s why I decide to visit you.”


I ran from the kitchen and passed through the front door. Outside our apartment, there was Eikura Nana, Masaki’s friend from zoo. I had met her for some times in the past so I could recognize her voice immediately.

Nana-chan!! Please go inside the apartment and help Masaki!! You are the only one who can help me!!

She knocked the door again.

“Aiba-san, are you home?”

Please, Nana-chan! Masaki forget to lock the door so you can go inside! He needs help right now! I beg you...

She sighed and turned around, “Maybe he is not at home right now.”

No..!! He’s inside there, Nana-chan!! Please don’t go!! You’re the only hope I have!!

I ‘blocked’ her way, but she easily passed through me. When she walked just some steps for my door I suddenly heard something broken from inside my apartment.

Oh my God!!! Masaki!!!

I ran inside passing through the door and before I went in, I saw Nana-chan turned back to my apartment and held the doorknob to open it.

“Aiba-san, excuse m- AIBA-SAN!!!”

Masaki was laying on the floor with closed eyes and held his stomach in pain. The mug he used for the coffee was broken into pieces beside him.



Nana-chan and I ran quickly to the kitchen. Nana-chan kneeled down beside Masaki and shook his shoulder slightly.

“Aiba-san!! Are you okay?? Please bear for a moment!! I will call ambulance!!”

She took out her phone from her bag and immediately called ambulance with trembling voice. After she hang up the phone, she put her hand on Masaki’s forehead.

“Oh my God!! Aiba-san!! You have a high fever!!”

Masaki mumbled something before he became unconcious.



The ambulance came not long after and Masaki was brought to the same hospital where my body was there. On the way to the hospital, Nana-chan immediately called Jun to tell him that Masaki was brought to the hospital. Jun said that he would wait them there. Inside the ambulance, Nana-chan kept holding Masaki’s hand while holding her tears to come out.

“Aiba-san, hang in there for a moment please...”

When the ambulance arrived at the hospital, Jun and Satoshi had already waited in front of the main door. Masaki was brought to the VIP class room in the hospital and he immediately examined by a doctor. Outside the room, Jun and Satoshi thanked Nana-chan because if Nana-chan were not there at the moment, no one couldn’t imagine what would happened to Masaki. The doctor came to us after he examined Masaki and explained what happened to Masaki.

“I could pressume that Aiba-san lately has drunk too much coffee and it causes gastritis. And about his high fever, I will ask a nurse to keep an eye out for his temperature every one hour. For now, please let him rest. He needs it the most.”

I couldn’t take this anymore. I clenched my fist and ran to ICU which is one floor above of Masaki’s room. I walked pass through the door and stood in front of the bed.


A tear dropped on my cheek. My body was trembling very hard.


After I screamed the last word, suddenly my head felt dizzy and I couldn’t breath properly. I fell down on the floor and before I closed my eyes I heard machines beside me beeping so fast for many times.

God, is this the end of me?


Hello party people~~!!! We're back with chapter 4!! Sorry it took longer time to post this.. RL didn't give me time to think about our Sakuraiba.. xP #kicked
anyway,,the other reason why we post it today is because it's Sho-chan's birthday!! yeaaaaayyy~!!! \(^o^)/
Happy birthday my cute chipmunk~ <33333
okay back to the story.. it's just my suggestion but please prepare tissues next to you. I told you before that it will be more angst started from the previous chapter, didn't I? well, that's how it will go in this chapter.. TT_TT
aaaand there'll be another pairings next chapter.. I bet you've already known it who and who.. #grins
Oh! You can read the previous chapters here :
Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3

See you on the next chapter!!

Comments are really appreciated~ <333
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Life is Hard だけど be Happy
01 January 2015 @ 10:43 pm
Title : My Long Way to Marry You (Chapter 3/?)
Author : icha_kazeinda and my beloved sister aka_caster
Pairing : Sakuraiba, Juntoshi (side)
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Romance, Drama, Angst
Disclaimer : It's just our imagination
Summary : How I wish to hold him. Kissing his red lips. Seeing him laugh. Hearing his cheerful voice. Want to make love to him. But I couldn't. I can't. Because I'm away. Far away...

A/N : - Beta-ed by our best friend. Thanks for your helping, dear. *big hugs*
         - Our native language is not English so we're sorry for bad grammars and any mistakes or typos here and there m(_ _)m

         - For your information, this chapter connects with the previous chapter. So this chapter is still on Masaki's POV two weeks  before the present day

[I don’t want to lose him, Jun... I can’t live without him...]
The number you are calling is inactive. Please leave your message after ‘beep’


“Sho-chan, are you okay? Where are you? I’m waiting for you at station. Please call me back or reply my mail or anything so I know that you’re okay. Please...” I sobbed, “ I want to see you right now,” I cried while hugging my knees to my chest.

It has been half and an hour since I came to the station and waited for Sho-chan. I couldn’t count how many times I’ve tried to call and mail him, but still no response from my lover yet. And I couldn’t count how many trains had passed in front of me. I’ve checked every trains that stopped at the station, hoping to see Sho-chan got out from one of them. But it was useless.

I returned to sit on a bench, hugged my knees to my chest, and cried there alone. It was almost midnight so there’s barely no one in the station. Only four or five person that just got off from the train. I knew I must drew attention for some people around me, crying in the station in the middle of the night. But I didn’t care about it. I just need my Sho-chan right now!!



Suddenly my phone rang. I immediately answered it without checking the caller ID.

“Hello, Sho-chan! Thank godness!! Where are you?”

“Uhm... Masaki, it’s me,”

“Jun...” My voice trailed off. “I’m sorry, Jun. I thought it’s from Sho-chan. I...,” I started crying again, “ Jun... what should I do? Sho-chan... he... “

“Masaki, listen to me. Where are you now?” Jun asked me. He sounded so serious but I also could sense worry in his voice. I took a deep breath to calm down a bit,

“I’m in a station near my apartment. I’m waiting for Sho-chan and...”

“Masaki...” Jun interupted me but he didn’t continue what he wanted to say. He kept silent for a moment. I couldn’t help to ask,

“Jun, what’s wrong?” I felt anxious. Did something happened with him?

“Masaki,” Jun finally started to speak again, “ Could you do me a favor? I want you to stay there and wait for me and Satoshi there. We’re on the way to pick you up. We have to go somewhere.”

“Eeeh?? Where?? But, Jun... I have to wait Sho-chan here at the station and I can’t leave. What if Sho-chan arrive and...”

“Aiba-chan...” it’s Ohno-kun’s voice who interupted me. He sounded so weak and his voice trembled, “Please, you have to come with us. It’s... It’s about Sho.” I widened my eyes,

“You guys know where Sho-chan is?? Where is he now??”

“Aiba-chan,please... Just stay there and wait for us, okay.” Ohno-kun seemed to ignore my question. I sighed,

“Okay.” I didn’t dare to ask further because they sounded so weird. It seemed like they’re hiding something from me. Is there any problem between Jun and Ohno-kun?? And then what it got to do with Sho?? Well, maybe I should ask them about it later.

After 15 minutes of waiting in front of the station, I finally saw Jun’s car approaching. I immediately got in the back seat, when he stopped the car in front of me. But what I didn’t expect to welcome me inside the car was Ohno-kun with his red and swollen eyes and Jun’s tensed face. Did they just got a fight between couple? I wanted to ask them about Sho-chan but as I could sense a heavy atmosphere between both of them, I just kept silent while Jun brought three of us to somewhere that I could guess the place where Sho-chan was.

After 30 minutes driving, finally three of us arrived at our destiniton. Jun stopped the car. Wait?! Is it... a hospital? I couldn’t stop wondering and finally asked Jun,

“Jun, why are we in the hospital? I thought we wil meet Sho-chan and...”, I couldn’t continue my words when suddenly I realized something.

“Jun...” I trembled. My tears started to flow again,” Did something happened to Sho-chan?”

Jun kept silent. He lowered his head and grabbed the wheel tighter.

“JUN! ANSWER ME!” I shouted at him. I was a bit startled because I’ve never shouted at Jun like that before. I could hear Ohno-kun choked sobs beside Jun.

“Masaki,” Jun finally turned his back and looked at me. He tried to hold back his tears, “Sho-kun... he... got stabbed by a drunk man on the way to station and now he’s unconscious at ICU... Masaki, wait!!” I didn’t wait for Jun to finish as I rushed out from the car and ran into the hospital, ignoring Jun’s yell at me from his car. My eyes got blurry, my head felt dizzy and I couldn’t breath properly. Sho-chan... It’s a lie, right? Please don’t leave me alone...

“Where... is.... ICU room?” I asked the moment I stood in front of the receptionist desk, breathless. My eyes brimmed with tears.

“Tu...turn right and then left. The ICU room is at the end of the corridor, sir.” The nurse stammered while pointing the way I should go.

I mumbled ‘thanks’ to her and immediately followed her direction. I bumped to many people along the way but I didn’t care. I had to clarify myself that what Jun had said was just a lie. It must be just a prank and Sho was waiting with his smile inside the room.

When I saw a room that written ‘ICU’ on the door, I tried to get in. But when I was about to open the door, a nurse held me back.

"Pardon me, sir, but you are not allowed to enter the room at this moment. We’re in the middle of an urgent surgery right now. Please wait in the waiting room outside."

"But, I need to see my boyfriend. I need to know how his condition is. Please..." I cried while begging at her. She shook her head slightly and patted my shoulder,

“I’m really sorry, sir, but our doctors are trying their best right now to save him and it’s better if you don’t interfere them.”

Jun and Ohno-kun came not long after that and Jun immediately hugged me tightly while caressing my back. I hugged him back and cried uncontrollably in his arms,

“Jun... It’s just a lie, isn’t it? Please say yes, Jun... I... I don’t want to lose him, Jun... I can’t live without him... I...”

“Sshh... Masaki... He’ll be alright. The doctors are trying their best to save him, aren’t they? So you have to believe at them,okay?” Jun hugged me tighter. I could feel that Jun was also tremble and held his tears to come out. Ohno-kun, who stood beside Jun all this time, cried silently and patted my shoulder. He looked at the nurse and asked with trembling voice,

“Could you tell us about his condition inside, please...”

I slowly released Jun’s arms around me and faced the nurse while wiping my tears with my hand.

She looked at me, Jun then Ohno-kun then took a deep breath before explained,

“He is striving against his critical period now. The wound in his stomache is too deep and his head seemed to crash pretty hard. Probably because he fell after being stabbed. Excuse me, but I have to go back inside. " the nurse walked away in a hurry.

I stared at the floor, thinking what the nurse has just said a while ago. Does that mean the wound is very serious? Sho-chan... please hang in there...the doctors are going to save you. I prayed silently in my heart when Jun patted my shoulder. I looked at him and I realized that Jun was eyeing someone at the corner of the waiting room.

I followed where he was looking at and my eyes fell on two person at that corner. Sho-chan’s parents. His father was standing while made a call. He looked very serious. His mother sat on one of the couch while crying all the time. I slowly walked toward them,

“Mom...” I said softly, couldn’t hold back my tears.

I remembered one day, Sho-chan’s mother asked me to call her ‘Mom’ instead of ‘Sakurai-san’ because she already accepted me in the family the moment she knew about my relationship with Sho-chan. She didn’t really mind about Sho being a gay, as long as her only son could find happiness and love in the person he choose. I believe that you are a good man and I know you will make Sho happy, that’s why I will give both of  you my blessing and remember you have to call me ‘Mom’ because I’ve considered you like my own son already. I remembered she said that while smiling warmly then hugging me. She really a mother with an angel’s heart for me. And now…

“Masaki...” she stood up from the couch and immediately hugged me. I hugged her back while crying uncontrollably in her embrace. She caressed my back softly with one hand and patted my head with her other hand,

“Let’s just pray for the best, ne, Masaki... We all know that Sho is a strong person. He will be alright.” She said between her sobs. I nodded slightly and hugged her tighter.

“He will be alright.” I heard Sho-chan’s father said while patted my shoulder. I looked up and saw Sakurai-san looking at me with no expression then he headed outside the room.

Until around two years of my relationship with Sho-chan, I never know either he gives his blessing for us or not. His expression was always same, rather no expression or nonchalantly. Sho-chan never said anything about his father’s opinion either. Well, maybe it didn’t matter for Sho-chan but it definitely a serious matter for me. I could feel that he didn’t fully accept Sho-chan’s being a gay and it made me sad and guilty. It seemed like I was the reason Sho-chan turned into a gay.

I sighed. It’s already two hours since the surgery began and still no one of the doctors or nurses came out from the ICU room. Mom and I were sitting while grabbing each others’ hand. She didn’t stop to give reasurring words to me that Sho would be alright. Once in a while she asked me about our relationship. I tried to smile and told her about my days with Sho-chan. It hurts everytime I tried to remember those days when right now the person I talked about was dying inside that room.

Suddenly ICU door was opened and a doctor came toward us. I felt a bit relieved when someone finally came out from that room. I really wanted to know what happened inside, how was the surgery, how Sho-chan condition was at that moment, but when I saw expression in the doctor’s face, I didn’t have courage to open my mouth to say something. His expression was between serious and tense.

“Is there any family member of Sakurai Sho-san?” asked the doctor while looking at us. Mom immediately approached the doctor and said with trembling voice,

“I’m his mother. How is my son, sensei?” Jun, Satoshi and I stood behind Mom,  couldn’t wait to hear what the doctor was going to say.

“Your son got stabbed in his stomach. From the wound that is too deep, I could presume that he got stabbed more than once.”

I gasped and covered my mouth with my trembling hands. Tears started to flow again from my eyes. Sho-chan... More than once… Why did this have to happen to you?  The doctor continued his explanation,

“But thank godness it didn’t hit his internal organs, so we may still have some hope that he can be saved. But...” he hesitated. I looked at the doctor. He seemed agitated and I couldn’t stop to ask him,

“But what, sensei? Did something happen to Sho-chan, sensei?” Jun who stood beside me grabbed my hand to calm me down a bit. The doctor took a deep breath and continued,

“But he loss a lot of blood and we should immediately perform a blood transfusion for Sakurai-san. Unfortunately we are out of stock for blood type A and...”

“I will donate my blood, sensei. I’m his mother after all. I will ask my husband to donate too.” Mom suddenly interupted the doctor. He nodded slightly then looked at three of us behind Mom. Ohno-kun  understood the meaning and said to the doctor,

“Our blood type is A too. We will help to donate, sensei.” The doctor smiled a bit and asked Mom to go with him to arrange the transfusion process. Not long after, the both of them left to the doctor’s office, leaving the three of us there. Then Jun turned his head to look at me.

“Masaki...” I tried my best to hide my hurt feeling and faked a smile at Jun.

“It’s too bad my blood type is AB,ne...” I laughed bitterly and patted Jun’s shoulder, “It’s okay. I will wait you guys here. Just go. Sho-chan needs your bloods as soon as possible, right?”

Jun hesitated but finally nodded his head and headed to the doctor’s office with Ohno-kun, leaving me alone. I dropped on my knees and looked blankly at the ICU door. Sho-chan needed help but at the same time I couldn’t do anything. I felt useless at the moment. Why in the critical moment like this I had to be different from the others.

“Damn it!! Damn it!!!!” I hit the wall beside me with my fist and tears started to flow again from my eyes. What kind of boyfriend I am? When my lover need my help, here I am, only crying and can’t do anything. You are so useless, Masaki.

“Hey, are you okay?” suddenly I heard a woman’s voice beside me. I wiped my tears then looked up. I saw a beautiful woman stood next to me. She seemed worried while looking at me. I tried to stand up and smiled at her.

“I’m okay. Just a bit tired.” I tried to smile at her. I was a bit startled when suddenly she chuckled a bit while shaking her head slightly,

“I can see that you are not okay. You look pale. Ah! Do you want a sandwich? I bet you haven’t ate dinner yet, have you? Here,” she offered me a sandwich while smiling at me. I wanted to refuse her offer but she insisted,

“Don’t say ‘No’ and just take it. You really need it and besides I can’t carry you on the back if you are suddenly fainted because of starving, right?” she joked. I smiled and took the sandwich from her hand,

“Thank you, and don’t worry I won’t suddenly fainted in front of you. Ah! I’m Aiba Masaki.” I introduced myself. She smiled and bowed a little,

“Nice to meet you Aiba-san. I’m Horikita Maki.”

I almost dropped the sandwich she gave me. Ho...Horikita Maki?? What is she doing here now?? Why does my heart feel anxious when I see her?? Horikita Maki is the girl Sho-chan once told me in the past. She was Sho-chan’s highschool classmate who were madly in love with him and finally confessed to him in their second year but he rejected her because he considered her like his own little sister. Don’t tell me she’s going to...

I shook my head slowly. Don’t over thinking, Masaki. Just focus on Sho-chan’s condition now. That’s the most important thing.I tried to smile and wanted to start a conversation with her when suddenly I heard Mom’s voice from afar,

“Maki-chan...” Mom walked faster toward our direction and immediately hugged her. “Maki-chan, thank you. Thank you very much. If you are not in that place at that moment, I don’t know how Sho will be saved.” She sobbed while hugging Horikita-san. Sho-chan’s father came to both of them and patted her shoulder while mumbling ‘Thank you’ and smiled warmly at her. I lowered my head.

She... she is the one who found Sho-chan first at the scene. I should be thankful at her, but why my heart hurts a lot? Why do I feel more useless than before and it seems that I’m not needed here?

I was a bit startled when I felt someone grabbed my hand. I looked up and saw Jun and Ohno-kun have already back from the transfusion. Jun, as if he could read my thought, suddenly looked into my eyes and said in whisper,

“You are the one who are needed most by Sho-kun. Eventhough it’s only your presence here, but I’m sure it will help Sho-kun to struggle harder to come back for us, to able to see you again. Don’t forget about it. And don’t lose to that woman. She’s only in the past. Even Sho-kun had already rejected her. Show her who you are to Sho-kun!”

A tear dropped from my eyes but I smiled at Jun. I was really grateful to have a bestfriend like him. Ohno-kun smiled at me and dragged me towards Horikita-san who was chatting with Sho-chan’s parents.

“Maki-chan, thank you for your call before about Sho. I immediately called auntie, uncle and Aiba-chan here after you called.”

Horikita-san seemed a bit startled when Ohno-kun mention about me and said, “Ah! Aiba-san... You...” but Ohno-kun didn’t let her finish her words,

“Aiba-chan is Sho’s boyfriend.”

I could see her shock expression in her eyes but she hid it and smiled awkwardly at me,

“Ooh... I’m sorry, Aiba-san. I didn’t know that you...”

“It’s okay, Horikita-san. You don’t have to apologize. It’s my fault I didn’t properly introduce myself earlier to you.” I bowed slightly to her.

“Masaki, this is Horikita Maki. She attended at the same class as Sho and Satoshi for three years in highschool. She’s the one who first found Sho in the scene and she immediately called police after that. That’s why she had to go to police office before went here, to report about the incident. Thank godness the culprit now has been arrested.” Mom looked at me then to her, “Maki-chan, thank you for bringing Sho’s bag from the police office with you and giving it back to us. I will keep it until Sho wake up.”

Horikita-san smiled and shook her head slightly, “It’s nothing, auntie. By the way, nothing items are missing, right?” Mom opened Sho-chan’s bag and slowly checked his stuffs inside the bag,

“Hmm.. nothing is gone, I think,” she put out Sho-chan’s stuff one by one, “ His phone, his wallet, and his files from his office are still safe inside. And this is...” when she tried to put out the last stuff, the ICU door opened. All of us was immediately looked at the same doctor who came out from the ICU room earlier. We didn’t know that Mom was still trying to put out the last stuff and gasped softly when she looked what was that. She immediately put it back inside Sho-chan’s bag and looked at the doctor when he was going to say something. He looked very tensed and serious,

“Sakurai-san, I have a good news for you. The blood tranfusion for Sakurai Sho-san was completely successful,” I heard all of the person in the waiting room sighed in relieve. But I couldn’t. I could sense something was happened inside there. If not, there’s no way the doctor looked very serious right now. That’s why I couldn’t help to ask the doctor,

“Sensei, is there something happened?”

He sighed heavily and continued his explaining, “If there’s a good news, it means there’s also a bad news for it,” he looked at Mom,

“Sakurai-san, I’m sorry but it seems that your son’s struggle has not ended yet. He’s in comatose and it can be for weeks, months or years...” I couldn’t hear the rest when suddenly I felt dizzy and the last thing I heard was Jun screaming my name before suddenly everything became dark.


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Chapter 1 // Chapter 2

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21 December 2014 @ 12:01 am
Title : My Long Way to Marry You (Chapter 2/?)
Author : icha_kazeinda and my beloved sister aka_caster
Pairing : Sakuraiba, Juntoshi (side)
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Romance, Drama, Angst
Disclaimer : It's just our imagination
Summary : How I wish to hold him. Kissing his red lips. Seeing him laugh. Hearing his cheerful voice. Want to make love to him. But I couldn't. I can't. Because I'm away. Far away...

A/N : - Beta-ed by our best friend. Thanks for your helping, dear. *big hugs*
         - Our native language is not English so we're sorry for bad grammars and any mistakes or typos here and there m(_ _)m

[My name is Aiba Masaki]
Masaki's POV

~Two weeks before~

"Masaki, what do you want for breakfast?" Sho-chan asked from our bedroom. I was in our bathroom, enjoyed my shower after four session of love making with Sho-chan. Well, actually I just wanted to cuddle with my lover the whole day, but I know I couldn't. Sho-chan needs to go back to his work early morning while I have to go to the zoo to check some animals there.

Anyway, let me introduce myself first. My name is Aiba Masaki, 31 years old but soon turn  32. I work at a zoo near my apartment as a veterinarian. There was nothing special in my life before I met my boyfriend. Yes, I have a gorgeous boyfriend and I'm proud of it. His name is Sakurai Sho. He works in one of the major bank in the city. If you asked me how we met, it will be a long funny story but I like to call it as a 'fate'.

So, the story began around two years ago. I was invited to my high school reunion party along with my childhood friend, Matsumoto Jun. Jun and I had been friends since babies and I treated him like my own little brother. We had always been together until we've graduated from high school. Jun decided to study literature in the best university in Tokyo, as he dreamt to be a famous novel writer while I decided to stay in Chiba and continue my study in one of the best university to reach my dream as a veterinarian. Eventhough we separated, we were still contacted each other by phone or mail.

Okay, back to my story about the reunion party. I couldn't waste my chance to meet Jun again since it had been more than a year since last time I saw him. That's why I didn't need a second to say 'Yes' when Jun asked me if I wanted to go or not. So, when I came to the party, I was immediately greeted by Jun who was hugging me,
"Masaki!! Glad to see you again. You don't know how much I miss you,"

I chuckled and released his arms around me to see his face, He got tears in his beautiful brown eyes. I couldn't stop to tease him,
"As expected, you're still my little brother, the crybaby Jun," and messed his hair playfully.
He pouted while fixing his hair, "I'm not a crybaby!”. Suddenly I heard someone's voice behind Jun,
" Jun, what should I do? I can't find him anywhere,". I tilted my head to the right to see that person. He's a bit shorter than Jun and his cheeks are chubby like a marshmallow. Jun, who just realized that the man was coming toward him, suddenly dragged that man to stand beside him.

"Masaki, let me introduce you. This is Ohno Satoshi. He's a painter and owns a gallery. He's my... my fiancee," he blushed like a red tomato when he introduced the man beside him. To be honest, I was a bit startled hearing what Jun had just said. I would never thought that Jun was interested in man and more less be proud about it. I smiled widely,
"Hi... I'm Aiba Masaki, Jun's childhood friend. Thank you for taking care of Jun all this time. He can be grumpy and difficult sometime, right?" I laughed when Ohno-kun nodding his head and laughing so hard seeing his lover pouted and crossed his arms in front of his chest. He quickly stopped laughing, afraid his lover would be mad, then wrapped his arm around Jun's waist and pecked Jun's lips,
"Well, I don't mind about it. It makes him even more cute and I love him no matter what,". Jun’s blush getting redder than before but he smiled and gently pinched Ohno-kun's arm on his waist, "Sappy..."

I smiled seeing Jun finally had found his beloved one. When I saw Jun looked happy with Ohno-kun, I couldn't stop wondering, when my chance will come to meet someone who will love me forever and spend the rest of his life together with me. Wait?! What have I thought? His? A man? What made me think about being interested in a man? Was it because I just saw Jun and Ohno-kun? Or maybe I was really have no interest with woman?

I woke up from my thought when I saw a gorgeous, handsome man walked toward us. The man has bright eyes, black hair, rounded cheeks, and a sexy yet luscious lips. Eeehh?! Did I just say 'sexy'? I didn't know that I was blushing like a red tomato while looking at the man.

"Satoshi! Finally I find you! Where have you been?! You said you wanted to introduce me with your fiancee but suddenly you disappeared. Do you understand how hard it was looking for you between these strangers?!" the man sounded very mad at Ohno-kun but I found his expression at that moment was very cute.
"Sho-chan! I'm really really sorry. I was looking for Jun and I didn't know that I left you alone in the middle of party. Forgive me, please?" Ohno-kun lowered his head. I heard this 'Sho-chan' sighed and softened his voice,
"It's okay Satoshi. I'm not mad at you. So where is Jun?" The man suddenly turned his gaze to meet mine and he looked at me from head to toe. He smiled at me and suddenly reached my hand to give a handshake while introducing himself.
"Hi! You must be Jun. I'm Sakurai Sho. I'm Satoshi's childhood friend. He's been mentioned about you a lot. I can see that Satoshi is indeed very lucky to have a fiancee as gorgeous like you."
For a moment I could feel my heart skipped a beat before start beating wildly and I blushed so hard to feel his warm hand on my hand. But after some seconds of dumbfounded, I just realize, did he just say 'Jun'?
I cleared my throat and tried to smile, " Ano... I'm sorry but I'm not Jun. I'm Aiba Masaki, Jun's childhood friend."

I could see Sakurai-kun's eyes widened and his expression changed. He became shocked and panicked while his hands were still grabbing my hand. After a silent moment between us, he finally found his voice and awkwardly said, "I... I'm sorry. I..." and then I heard Jun and Ohno-kun giggled beside me.
"Sho-chan, that's not Jun. This is Jun, " Ohno-kun muffled his laugh with his left hand and took Jun closer with his other hand.
"Hello. I'm Matsumoto Jun but you can call me Jun. And that person that hand been in your hold is my childhood friend, Aiba Masaki. He and I is like Satoshi and you." At Jun's words, we realized that our hands were still linked. Both Sakurai-kun and I quickly withdrew our hand while blushed like a boiled crab. I could heard Jun and Ohno-kun muffled their laugh again. They tried to break the awkward tension between us.
"Hey, let's get something to drink. You're thirsty, right, Satoshi?" said Jun while put his hand around Ohno-kun's shoulder. Was is it just me or I could see Jun winked and smirked at Ohno-kun, like giving a code or something? Ohno-kun smirked at Jun.
"Let's go. Aiba-kun, Sho-chan, you both can wait here while I and Jun get some drink. Do you want any?" asked Ohno-kun while looking at me and Sakurai-kun.
"No. I'm fine, thanks" I said to Ohno-kun.
"Me too..." Sakurai-kun mumbled while looking away. Ohno-kun took Jun's hand and said,
"Okay then. We will be there if you are looking for us, " he pointed a mini bar not far from where we stand, then he looked at me and Sakurai-kun while smirking, "Ah! you can talk about each other while waiting for us."

For some minutes, we just stood there in silent while looking away. To be honest, I want to lessen our earlier awkwardness but I didn't know how to start it. After another minutes, finally I decided to speak first. I took a deep breath and look at Sakurai-kun beside me, ready to speak.


We both surprised. We looked at each other and realized that both of us spoke at the same time just now.

"You first..."
"You first..."

We widened our eyes and suddenly burst into laughter knowing that both of us spoke at the same time again.
After a moment, I calmed down a bit while giggling, "It's okay, really. You speak first."
He stopped his laugh and smiled softly at me, "I'm sorry for earlier. You know... when I was mistaken you as Jun.”
I returned his smile and said, "You don't have to apologize. It's nothing. Let's say our earlier 'accident' was Ohno-kun's fault for not showing you Jun's picture before this party." He chuckled and nodded his head,
"Yeah! Satoshi never showed me Jun's photo before. He only talked about how he met Jun at first time and how they decided to enganged a month later," he paused then smiled at me while looking into my eyes, "but the 'gorgeous' comment earlier is clearly not for Jun since I've never saw his face before."
I tried to think what Sakurai-kun just said and suddenly I blushed when I realized something. So he means he said that to me?
"Thank you, I guess." I stammered and lowered my head, avoiding his gaze and his smile on me. The smile that could warm my heart like a sunshine.

We talked about many things. I told him that I was in my last semester of my study and my dream to be a veterinarian. I learned that Sakurai-kun was same. He studied about economy at Keio University and was in his last semester. He's already got job though in a bank, offered by his father.

"So, you're studying at Keio University and got promoted in one of the famous major bank in Tokyo? It's awesome!!" I couldn't stop to be amazed. He chuckled to see my expression, "It's nothing."

And at that night I realized something. I wanted to see his smile everyday. I wanted to hear his chuckle that made flutter in my stomach. I want to see his eyes sparkle everytime he talked about food. I love him!

No, Masaki! You can't love him. You're a man. How can you fall in love with the same gender as you?! And as if he would reciprocate your feeling!? He must be straight. He's handsome and perfect. I bet he has a beautiful woman as his girlfriend! I couldn't stop about my thought about my feeling though. Could it be just one-sided and I got broken hearted even before the other realized?

It's about midnight that day when Jun and Ohno-kun came to the place we're waiting. Ohno-kun was a bit drunk so Jun decided to take him home.

"I'm sorry, Masaki but I have to take Satoshi home. You can see why, right?" Jun apologized to me while put his arm around Ohno-kun's waist to keep him stand up. I took a glance at Ohno-kun. He was giggling and mumbling something incoherent. I sighed,
"Okay. I'll go back myself. You just take care of Ohno-kun." I tried to smile to reassure him that I was fine. The train might had stopped when I arrived in the station by walking but I can’t let Jun worry about me. He already had drunken Ohno to take care of. Jun shook his head, "No no! It's almost midnight. There's hotel near this place. Stay there for a night until tomorrow morning then...,"

"Jun..." I interupted him, "I have class early morning and you know I can't skip it." I saw Jun opened his mouth already to say something when suddenly I heard Sakurai-kun said, "Then I'll take you to station."
No! Please! I can't stand to stick with you longer than this. I can't hold back my feeling anymore. It hurts.
I wanted to say something but Jun interupted me and glanced at Sakurai-kun, "Thanks a lot Sho-kun. I will leave him to you. Bye...", he slowly dragged Ohno-kun to the exit door.

I wanted to refuse his offer, to say to Jun that I can go home by myself. But then I realized that Jun was too preoccupied with the drunk Ohno-kun, so I decided to leave him be.
I sighed, looking at anywhere except the man beside me. The man who's cruelly has took half of my heart since the first time I saw him.
"You know, you don't have to take me to the station. I can go there by taxi," I looked at my shoes, but I could feel his eyes were fixed at me.

"I insist it and I meant it. I don't want you to go there alone," Sakurai-kun said softly and made me blushed a little.
"Besides, I had promised to Jun." I stunned at his last sentence. Of course that's the reason. Because he'd promised to Jun and nothing's more behind it.

"Let's go to the parking area, we will go by my car," Sakurai-kun said and started walking. I followed behind him. Of course he has a car. He's a rich man after all. I lowered my head, realized how different I am compared to him.

The silence was prolonged along the way to the station. I was looking at the road through the car window, wondering about my poor feeling while Sakurai-kun kept concentrate on his driving. After 10 minutes, we finally arrived in front of the station. He stopped the car. No one of us got out from the car.

So, this is it?? My love is impossible after all?? Maybe after this I won't be able to see him anymore. Maybe this is the first and the last time we will meet. But, am I strong enough for it? Am I ready enough to feel heartbroken without experience how to love and to be loved by him??

"I... Th-thank you... I..." I shuddered and hold back my tears to flow. I wanted to say more when suddenly I felt my cheek was caressed by a warm hand.
"Why did you cry?" Sakurai-kun said while wiping my tears on my cheek with his hand. I didn’t realized that my tears kept flowing and I couldn't control it. I closed my eyes and turned my head away, kept crying silently. I felt my head was slowly being turned to face Sakurai-kun. Now he cupped my face with both of his hands. I couldn't be like this. I started to open my eyes slowly,
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." I couldn't continue my words when Sakurai-kun leaned in his head slowly and the next second his lips landed on mine. I wided my eyes, shocked, surprised.

He kiss me!? Oh God!! Is it just a dream?? He really kiss me!! I started crying loudly and maybe that startled him. Sakurai-kun stopped kissing me and caressed my wet cheek while saying 3 words that I really dreamt about,

"I love you, Masaki"

That's it. I pulled him closer, hugged him tight and cried again, "I... love... you too... Sakurai-kun" I said between my sobs. I don’t know if it’s true or not but I believe in love at the first sight. Suddenly, he releases me while pouting. I looked at him,
"What happened, Sa..." he interupted my words by pecking my lips.
"It's Sho-chan, Masaki. Why do you call your boyfriend's name by his family name?". I smiled warmly and chuckled,
"Sho-chan...", I giggled. Still couldn't believe that I have him, my love at first sight, is my boyfriend now. He smiled and kissed my forehead, pecked my nose, kissed my cheeks and finally kissed me on my lips. This second kiss was more passionate than our first kiss earlier but still same. Sweet yet temptating. At the end, I skipped my class the next morning as I never got on the train.

After that night, we started to become couple. Of course Jun and Ohno-kun were very happy to hear that. They told us the next morning that they actually planned to set me up with Sho-chan at reunion party. Well, let's say their plan worked.

Along our relationship, we could understand about each other more. About our family and about our past.

For Sho-chan's sake, I decided to move from Chiba to Tokyo after I graduated from my study. I will do anything to see him everyday, even if I had to move from my own hometown. I started to look for job in Tokyo and stayed in a cozy yet not too expensive apartment. At that time, Sho's still live with his parents. We could only meet on the station before we go to different path. Sho-chan would go to the bank, while I went to the zoo.

Everyday I made a bento for him, knowing that he barely ate breakfast. Then at our 3rd month anniversary, he decided to move out from his parents house to live with me together. It's like the best day of my life. Finally I could live together with the man I loved very much.


"What are you thinking, hmm?" My run of thought about two years ago was abruptly stopped and I was threw back to the present when I heard Sho-chan from behind while put his hands around my waist.
“I called you many times from bedroom but you didn’t answer. Tell me. Did you think about me?” his question was directed into my ears. I was preparing him an omurice for breakfast while he took a bath. I smiled answering him, "Just now I remembered about the first time we met. Do you remember?"

Sho-chan placed his chin on my shoulder, "Hmm.. When was it I wonder...?" I pouted and tried to release from his hug,
"So you don't remember!! Hmmph!!" I sulked a bit. He chuckled and tighten his arms around my waist while kissed my cheek,
"Of course I remember, Masaki. At your reunion party, right? How could I forget the first time I ever saw the most beautiful man I've ever seen? Well, maybe I had already said this before but I fall in love with you at first sight, Masaki. The first time I saw your smile, I wish I can make you mine forever." Yes, he's already said those words many times, but it could still make me blushed so hard, just like right now.
I chuckled and turned to face Sho-chan and pushed him backward gently, "now go to dining room. I will bring the omurice there."
Sho-chan smiled, pecked my nose and my lips before went to our dining room.

Our daily activites were kinda always like this. Eat breakfast together, walk to station together, then have to seperate in the station because we had to take different train. But this day I felt different, like I don’t want to be separated from my lover.

I decided to wait Sho-chan to get his train first then I took mine. I hold his hands tighter than usual and hugged him longer than usual when he was about to take the train. I saw his train moving slowly... slowly... and finally disappeared. Why my heart was so sad and lonely right now? Why it seemed that I would lost something important for me right now? I shook my head and decided to go to another platform to take my train.


"Ah, Aiba san, otsukaresama deshita, wanna go home earlier?" a girl asked me when I was going to put coffee in my glass. "Otsukaresama Nana chan. Well, I guess so. I think I have some time for preparing dinner," I smiled at her.

Eikura Nana, she is my assistant and also my kouhai at the university. She is so beautiful. Maybe if i hadn't met Sho, I would fall for her. And if I'm straight, of course. I couldn’t stop giggling at my thought.

"I want to buy something at the grocery store though, do you want to walk with me there ? Maybe I can suggest you something you should buy for making dinner.. " she asked me while I stirred the coffee. Well, that's one of my habit before I went home after work.

"Yosh, it looks like I was running out of potatoes to make nikujaga. Come on." I emptied my glass, then I took my bag on my desk quickly, and accidently knocked a photo frame on the table. The frame fell to the floor and the glass broken into pieces. I was shocked. My mind went blank at that moment. I tried to clean up the broken glass, but instead it cut into my fingers.

"Ouch, how careless I am, " I laugh bitterly.
"Are you ok ? I’ll handle this. You just go clean your wound." Nana chan came carrying a broom to clean up the mess. While bandaged my wounds, I couldn’t stop wondering what was just actually happened. Why do I have an uncomfortable feelings like this since this morning?

"Everything is clean Aiba san, I put the picture back on your desk. It looks like you need a new frame for that though," Nana chan smiled while pointed a photo that had been displayed in the frame before it broken. A picture of two men who were laughing happily.  Two men who love each other. Picture of me and Sho.


" Have you seen Yura-chan's baby that was born yesterday?" Nana-chan asked me while we walked to the store.
"Yura? The baby panda?" I tried to remember. Yura-chan is a baby panda that entered the zoo at my first day.
"Ah, Aiba san, Yura has become a mother now, not a baby panda anymore. She has a baby now, " Nana laughed.
"Her baby was really cute. Especially when he was suckling at Yura-chan. Had Shimura-san given the baby a name ? I really want to give some suggestions for her name, " she really got excited everytime we talked about animal.
"I don't think so. I didn't heard him called Yura chan's baby with a specific name today. So, why don’t you try to talk to Shimura-san and tell about your suggestion,". I said to her. She nodded frantically and smiled. Shimura-san is the owner and also the head of the zoo. He is really a nice and kind person. He even once told me that he considered me and Nana-chan as his own son and daughter.
We arrived at the grocery store and began to look out for ingredients that I needed to make Nikujaga while talking about all the things that happened today in the zoo after work.

" Uwah, Babies are so cute,ne ? Even though it was an animal's baby. I'd like to have my own baby someday. Do Aiba-san also want it too?” she suddenly covered her mouth with her hand,
Ah, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ... " she lowered her head. I smiled at her,
"You know, Nana chan, of course I do love babies and want to have it one for real someday. Sho also loves kids. We hope to have it when we're already married. Although, of course, the baby will not be born from one of us, since we're both men, " I chuckled a bit, tried to relieve her awkwardness.

"I'm sorry Aiba-san. Sometimes I can be too presumptuous," She looked down. I smiled at her and slightly patted her shoulder,
"Daijoubu Nana chan. I'm used to dealing with this," I laughed to reassure her that I’m okay. But still, deep inside my heart, it's hurts. Really hurts.


I mumbled and sighed. Of course there would be no answer, because I was the one who always came home earlier than Sho. It's 6:30 pm already. Looks like I have to prepare the dinner quickly because usually Sho would be home at 7.30 pm. I quickly showered and started preparing our dinner. I glanced at the clock on the wall, it's already 8.30 pm. I wonder why Sho hasn't came home yet.
I picked up the phone and tried to call him, but it seemed he was still busy and did not answer. But then he called me a minute after, i pressed the green button immediately and bombered him with many questions, "Hello, Sho-chan! Where are you now? Why do you come home late? Are you okay?"

"Masaki, I've told you that I have a promise to meet with Jun and Satoshi at coffee shop, right? Have you forgotten?"

I gasped and hit my head lightly with my hand, "Aaahh!! I forgot about that! I'm sorry, Sho-chan. I don't know why but I can't stop worrying about you. I wish I can hug you right now," I pouted even though he didn't see my face right now.

"Me too, dear. You know, I wish I have that Doraemon door which can move us to wherever we want just with one step through that special door. I wish there is that door in front of me right now, so I can immediately at home right now to hug and kiss you," Sho said and it made me chuckled. I knew right now he was trying to made me less worried about him.
"Silly!! There is no such a door in the real life. That's in a manga!" We laughed for some moment and suddenly he stopped laughed and said with his voice that could melt my heart,

"I love you, Masaki".

Suddenly I felt something unusual like I’ve never felt before. It scared me, the feeling that this might be the last time I heard him said those words to me. Something that made my eyes turned glassy and all I could say is, "I love you more, Sho-chan".

We both silent for a moment. Then I told him about my first attempt to make Nikujaga for our dinner and about what happened today at the zoo, anything to distract my bad omen that kept coming since the morning. After some minutes I couldn’t help to ask,
"Sho-chan, have you arrive at station yet?" I heard him sighing.
"Not yet, Masaki. Will be arriving soon though. Just some meters ahead and I'll be in the station."

Suddenly I heard another voice in the phone. It seemed that someone, a man, talk to him in an impolite tone. I started to worry again,
"Sho-chan? Whose voice is that? What happened? Sho chan !!" I grabbed my phone tighter, waiting for Sho-chan’s reply. But all what I could hear his reply was, " Sorry, Masaki. I'll call you again later. Love you," and ended the call without let me said even one word. I got panicked.

Who is that man?? Why I feel scared by just hearing his voice?? Don’t tell me... Sho-chan... Oh my God, what should I do ?

Suddenly, I felt my heart beat faster than usual. Cold sweat started to drip from my forehead. I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t think properly. I ran out of the apartment, hoping that Sho already taken his train and was inside the train now. The train he always take everyday was just two station away from the nearest station in our apartment area. Should I waited him there? Then without thinking, I ran to the nearest station, waited there and kept trying to call him hundred times even though he never answered.

10 minutes...

30 minutes...

An hour...

Tears started to flow in my eyes.

Sho-chan, where are you?


Hello again guys!! xDD
We're really sorry. It took a quite longer time than I've excpected to finish this chapter. ><
So, what do you think about the second chapter? ^^ We're trying to explain a bit more about our Sakuraiba when they first met and what kind of situation at the day the incident happened in Masaki's POV here.
Oh! You can read the previous chapter here :
Chapter 1 : http://icha-kazeinda.livejournal.com/1467.html

The next chapter will be updated next week (or maybe another next week xD)

Comments are really appreciated~ <333
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05 December 2014 @ 12:53 am
Hellooooo world!!! I'm back!!! xDDD
gooosshh~!! it's been long time since I lasted posting here.. Yeah,,I know I should continue my story about Yama if you guys still remember about it xDDD but for this moment I will post another fic.. Well, this is my first time to collaborate in making a fic so  I can't wait to post it no matter what.. xDD This time I collaborate with my beloved sis aka_caster,,well because lately we found that we have same thought and bla bla bla finally we decided to make a fic together..
Well,,enough for rambling.. Enjoy the story~ ^^

[I love you, Masaki...]

Title     : My Long Way to Marry You (chapter 1/?)
Author    : icha_kazeinda and aka_caster
Pairing  : Sakuraiba (main), Juntoshi
Rating    : R for this chapter (well to be save xD)
Genre   : Romance, Drama, Angst
Disclaimer  : It's just our imagination
Sumarry   : How I wish to hold him. Kissing his red lips. Seeing him laugh. Hearing his cheerful voice. Want to make love to him. But I couldn't. I can't. Because I'm away. Far away...
A/N : Our language is not English so we're sorry for bad grammars and any mistakes here and there m(_ _)m

Sho's POV

~Two weeks before~

"I love you Masaki..." I kiss him after we made love for the forth time today. We're still naked, hugged each other, sweat all over our body. I kiss his neck, love to smell his body scent.
"Love you too, Sho-chan... I wish I could have you for the rest of my life..." he said while moaning. He's always horny like that eventhough we're exhausted. How can I resist someone so beautiful like him?
"I wish for the same, dear..." I kissed him deeply, letting my tongue met his. He started to stroke my shaft again, but then I broke the kiss. "Enough, Masaki. We have to work in an hour!" I started giggling and climbed out of bed. I know he would never get enough of making love. Well, me either. Especially with him.
"Mou... I still want more, Sho-chan..." Masaki whined and hugged me from behind.
"Tonigh, hun. I promise. We're lacked of sleep already," I said while pushing him to get shower first. He's laughing.

Soon I heard him humbling a song while taking a bath. He's always cheerful like this. Arisen my mood in the morning with his beautiful smile. Like a sunshine that shone my world. Then he would be busy preparing our breakfast before we went to work. Masaki worked as a veterinarian and I worked in a bank at the city. Well, I never complained about his cooking because it's the most delicious food I've ever eaten in my life. He's really everything for me. I didn't have any idea what would I be now if I didn't meet him. I loved him with all my life. He always waiting for me at home, be the one who always greet me, said "okaeri" with his sweet voice and kissed me with so much passion.

Sometimes I thought to make him mine forever. You know, married him and made him to be Sakurai Masaki. Well, marry him was - of course- one of my plan, but not so fast. I thought about the next 3 or 5 years to marry him. We're never talk about marriage thing before. Maybe because we're too busy with our jobs. Ahhh.. Should I propose him first? Maybe I should ask some advices from my childhood friend, Satoshi, who's been married with his loved one, Jun.

"Hello, Satoshi. Can we meet somewhere tonight? I've got something to ask you. It will be better if Jun come along. Yes. Niji coffee shop? In front of your gallery? 7 PM? Ok, see you in there. Thanks, Satoshi." I hung up the phone and continued to concentrate on my work.


"Sho-kun, I'm very happy if you want to propose Masaki to marry you. I can imagine when you tell him so, he'll be over reacted I guess," Jun laughed. He knew Masaki longer and better than me, because they're childhood friends, just like Satoshi and I. Well, fate brought four of us together I could say.

"He loves you, Sho. More than you know. Eventhough sometimes he's complaining about your lack of 'Me and Sho-chan time', but he loves you a lot," Jun smiled at me.
"Wait? What?! He told you about that?" I surprised of Jun's words. "Aaaahh!! I should've known it. He never complained it to me. If I arrived home late, he just smiling or suddenly woke up if he's asleep," I sighed and leaned my back on the chair while sipping my coffee.

"You're as fool as Satoshi. He never recognized when I was mad or ignored him. He just thought that everything would be fine with a kiss and..." Jun couldn't continue his word when suddenly Satoshi came from behind and stole a kiss from his husband. "That's because I hate to debate you Jun. But you know, you're so cute when you're mad. Sorry, Sho, I'm late. The gallery was so crowded today,"

I smiled to see the scene in front of me. How I love to see them so loved each other like this.

"So, what are you gonna do? Have you planned something for Masaki?" Satoshi sat beside his husband.
"Well... I'm going to propose him tomorrow. I even have prepared a ring for it," I blushed a little when I told them about the plan.
"Really?! Wow!! I'm happy for you, Sho. I bet Masaki will overjoy about it. Can I see the ring? Please~~" Satoshi pleaded with his puppy eyes.
Jun smacked his lover's head gently and said, "Satoshi!! You are too excited!! It must be Masaki who see it first, not you!" he pouted. Satoshi grinned and pecked Jun's lips, "Sorry, dear."

"It's okay, Jun. The ring is still at the store. I'm going to get it later on my way home," I chuckled to see those two lovebirds. They were really blessed to have each other, just like Masaki and I.
After some talks about our works and so on, I apologized to them for leaving first because I had to drop in at the jewelry store to get my ring for Masaki.
"Congratuliation once again, Sho-kun. I'll be waiting for your wedding part!" shouted Jun from inside the coffe shop. I chuckled and waved at them, headed to the store. I was too excited and decided to faster my step. I can't wait to see my ring! I thought happily.


"Thank you very much!" the shopkeeper bowed to me when I was leaving the store. I smiled at her and went directly to the station. Along the way, I couldn't stop grinning everytime I peeked at the little bag in my hand.

What is Masaki doing now? I wondered. Maybe I should call him. The way to station is still far anyway.

I took my phone inside my bag and immediately called Masaki. At one ring, the phone got connected.
"Hello, Sho-chan! Where are you now? Why do you come home late? Are you okay?" Masaki sounded worried.
"Masaki, I've told you that I have a promise to meet with Jun and Satoshi at coffee shop, right? Have you forgotten?" I chuckled. I could imagine how was his expression at the moment. It must be very cute. The way his lips pouted and his chubby cheeks that I would never get tired of. Sometimes Masaki would be worried too much. But that's what I love from him.

"Aaahh!! I forgot about that! I'm sorry, Sho-chan. I don't know why but I can't stop worrying about you. I wish I can hug you right now," the last sentence was barely heard but I could still hear it clearly.
Seriously, I felt like the most lucky man in the world for having Masaki by my side. He's like my angel, my half soul and I couldn't live without him.

"Me too, dear. You know, I wish I have that Doraemon door which can move us to wherever we want just with one step through that special door. I wish there is that door in front of me right now, so I can immediately at home right now to hug and kiss you," I tried to cheer him up.
"Silly!! There is no such a door in the real life. That's in a manga!" I could hear him chuckling. At least, it could make him feel better.
"I love you, Masaki" I said with the sweetest voice of mine. I could feel he's smiling and said, "I love you more, Sho-chan"

Along the way to station, we kept talking through phone. Masaki told me that he had cooked something new for our dinner. He also told me about his job at the clinic.
When I was passing through an alley, the light in that alley was so dimmed that I barely could see anything.

"Sho-chan, have you arrive at station yet?"

I was looking around the alley, a bit aware of my step because it's 10 o'clock and almost no one passed that place. I tried to be calm because I didn't want to make Masaki worried much more, "Not yet. Will be arriving soon though. Just some meters ahead and I'll be in the station."
Soon, I barely can see the station. I hurried my step when suddenly a man stood in front of me, blocking my way. He was dead drunk!

"Hey! Give me your phone and bag!!" said the man while slowly approached me. I grabbed the little bag in my hand tightly and decided to ended my call with Masaki, but I was too late when I heard Masaki on the phone, "Sho-chan? Whose voice is that? What happened?"
I couldn't think properly and hurriedly said, " Sorry, Masaki. I'll call you again later. Love you," and ended the call without waiting Masaki to say anything.

"I said give me your phone and bag, you bastard!!" shouted the man. He became closer and closer when suddenly he pulled out a knife from his pocket and pointed it at me. I was not good enough in any kind of fighting so I decided to turn back and ran away. Unfortunately, I was too late when suddenly I felt my shoulder was being grabbed by the man and in a second I was face to face with that drunk man. He smiled evilly and stabbed me on my stomache. For a moment my sight got blurred and suddenly I dropped on my knees. I clutched my shirt that became red because of my blood with my right hand and grabbed tightly the bag in my left hand and brought it closer to my chest to protect it. Please, anything but not the bag! I shouted inside my head.

I was too weak to move from that place but I had to get away from that crazy man. So I crawled slowly to the other side of the alley, ignored my wound that became deep. The man seemed not going easily off me and kicked hard on the same spot he stabbed me.
"Oh~ you are not going anywhere until I get what I want!" he smirked and tried to steal my bag in my hand.

My body was like moving by itself and grabbed my bag tighter. I tried to stand up but the man was stronger and faster than me. He stabbed me once more while took my bag. I dropped on the floor, felt so weak. My sight got blurred and the last thing I saw was that man walked away with my bag, with Masaki's ring on it before everything became dark.

Masaki, I'm sorry...

Okay, how is the story?? I was really suck at writing violence scene, right? LOL XD
Blame my sis aka_caster who made me to write such a thing.. I can't stand to imagine Sho's being stabbed like that.. T^T
Well, we will try to post the next chapter as soon as possible *uhmm.. next week perhaps xD*
And don't worry.. this time I won't delayed to post our updates.. well, you know what happened with my first Yama fic.. xDD #kicked
And I promise I will continue my first fic after this story end.. Just wait, kay!! ^^

Comments are really appreciated~ <333
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26 March 2014 @ 08:50 pm
Title : Always Be With You
Author : icha_kazeinda
Pairing : My lovely pairing, Ohno Satoshi & Sakurai Sho
Rating : PG-13
Genre : AU, Romance, Drama
Disclaimer : They are not mine TT^TT ( but Satoshi owns Sho ne~ xD )
Warning : Unbeta-ed, bad english (since english is not my first language) m(_ _)m

Summary : Sho is a famous pianist in Japan. He feels complete because it’s his biggest dream since he was in kindergarten. But deep inside his heart, he feels lonely because someone was missing from his life. Someone that promised him to always be with him wherever he was. Someone that had stolen his heart 25 years ago.
a.n : for stwinarti and riri8satoshi omataseshimashita~ sorry to keep you waiting!! m(_ _)m

[“I want to be with Sho-chan for whole of my life.”]
“Ne... Satoshi-chan, do you know what my dream is?” Sho asked Ohno who was drawing a car in a piece of paper. Ohno stopped his drawing activity and then looked at Sho. Sho grinned and announced, “I want to be a pianist.”

Ohno’s ears perked up and he said vigorously, “Uwaaa~ That’s great, Sho-chan!! I’m sure Sho-chan will become a famous pianist in the future.” Ohno smiled, making Sho’s cheek blushed a little.

“A...arigatou Satoshi-chan,” Sho said shyly.

Ohno gave his best yet warm smile to his bestfriend and said, “I promise I will watch all your performance and be your number one fan.”

Sho was sure that his cheek now was completely red as tomato. He tried to hide it and turned his back, “H...how about you Satoshi-chan? What you want to do in the future?”

Ohno chuckled but then he firmly said, “I want to be with Sho-chan for whole of my life.”

Sho’s heart stopped at that moment and he felt his ears burning. He tried to ignore it and laughed nervously, “Hahaha... If you keep following me, many people will suspect you as a stalker, Satoshi-chan.”

“Nope. I am the one that will protect Sho-chan from bad people in the first place. I will be with you, Sho-chan. Always and forever,” Ohno slowly reached for Sho’s shoulder and turned him so that Sho faced him.

Ohno smiled softly when he looked at Sho whose face was completely red and couldn’t hide his embarrassment now. Ohno then hummed and nodded his head, “Hmm.. I know it!”

Sho raised his head and looked at Ohno, “Eeh? About what?”

Ohno grinned and suddenly he pinched Sho’s chubby cheek softly, “Sho-chan looks very cute when he’s blushing.”

Sho pouted but his heart couldn’t stop beating faster, “Satoshi-chan!”. He then tried to pinch Ohno’s cheek but Ohno was faster than him. Ohno walked back a little and started to run, “Come on, Sho-chan! Try to catch me if you can! Hahahaha...”

Sho smiled widely and wanted to run but suddenly he was hold by something so that he couldn’t move.

“Satoshi-chan, wait!” Sho tried to move but it’s still useless.




Sho startled and went to turn of his alarm. It’s 6 o’clock in the morning.

Gosh! That dream again!

Sho sighed. He knew that these days he had a same dream. A dream where he was 5 years old back then. A dream where it was the last day before his bestfriend, or more-than-bestfriend for him, was completely gone the next day without telling him. No one knew where did Ohno Satoshi go to or why he suddenly left the town.

It has been 25 years now but Sho still tried to look for Ohno sometimes. Despite his full schedule as a famous pianist, he never stopped to find his bestfriend, his first love.

He rubbed his eyes and got up to wash his face in the bathroom. He went back to his bed, sat in the edge of the bed and took his cellphone. He started to call his manager, Yanagawa-san.

“You have to attend Ninomiya-san’s recital at 12 o’clock. And then you will have a meeting with some organizers to talk about your next performance,” Yanagawa-san explained in the other side of the phone.

Ninomiya Kazunari or Nino is Sho’s friend since his first debut as a pianist. Both of them always attented each other’s recital. Sometimes they would go out for dinner and talked about their performance.

Aaah! Today is Nino’s performance. Crap! I forgot to buy the new Nintendo DS he had requested. I have to find it or else he will scold me again just like last time. Maybe I will look for it before I go there.

“And then you have to... Sakurai-kun, are you okay?” Yanagawa asked Sho who keep silent since a few minutes ago.

Sho was a bit startled and replied, “Oh, sorry Yanagawa-san. I’m okay.”

“All right then Sakurai-kun. I will pick you up at 11 o’clock so be ready, okay.” Yanagawa-san cut the line. Sho took a deep sigh and flopped himself back into the bed.

He looked up at the ceiling before he brought his cellphone in front of his face.

There, as wallpaper in his cellphone, was a picture of two boys smiled widely. One of the boys, which is actually him, was holding a book in his right hand. His other hand was twinned together by his bestfriend’s, his first love’s right hand, which is known as Ohno Satoshi.

“Satoshi... You know... My dream comes true. I am a famous pianist. I have fullfilled my dream. But how about you? You promised me that you will be my number one fan. You promise me that you will always be with me forever,” he stared at the picture deeply.

“Where are you now Satoshi? I miss you so much...” He didn’t realize tears started to drop in his cheek.

Yattaaaaa~!! Finally I can post my first Yama fanfiction!!! \(^o^)/

Well,, still the prologue though,,but hopefully I can finish the story soon..

I’m sorry if there are many mistakes m(_ _)m

Enjoy the story and comments are really appreciated!! <33333
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24 January 2014 @ 10:29 pm
uwaaaaaa~!!! it's January 25th at Japan now!!! xDD

[お誕生日おめでとう,ママ翔!! \(^o^)/]
can't believe that you are 32 y.o now!! it must be mistaken..!! you must be 23 y.o now!! LOL XDD

thank you for being my first crush in Arashi (eventhough now is replaced by Papa Sato,,but I still love u as much as I love Papa Sato <3 xD)
thank you for always being "Mother-like" in Arashi (well,, u are their "Okaasan" afterall lol xDD)
thank you for your rap lyrics that always has deep meaning <3

well,,my wishes for you in this year :
1. the first important one is please always be healthy
2. Keep your nadegata as your lucky charm xDD *kicked* (Yo!! Nadegata Japan!! xDD)
3. Wish you all the best for your career in Arashi and in Zero~ ^o^
4. Hopefully you will find your soulmate and get married soon (what am I saying!! you already have Papa Sato,,so just get married ne~!! lol xDD <3 )

aaahhh!! I'm almost forget!!
Please take care of Papa Sato ne~ please give all your love to Papa Sato in this year too!! fufufufu~ :3 <3 <3


Mama&apos;s bday pic3
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Because my friend persuade me to make LJ,,finally I can make my own LJ.. Congrats to me...!!! hohoho... ^o^

I hope with my LJ,,I can get closer to my idol --> Arashi... ahahahaha... XD

Nice to meet you all... Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.. ^_^

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